Sweet Friends

Berry Xylitol Gems (sugar free) | 40 pieces


Everyone needs a quick, breath-refresher during the day. It’s nice to know that when you put Berry Xylitol Gems into your mouth you’re not only getting a fresh, clean mouth, but you are also helping it be healthier too.

Spry Gems are made in the United States with natural ingredients, the most important being xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetener, which promotes dental health.

KETO BREATH BE GONE A delicious soft gem made of natural berry flavour, a fusion of blackberry and raspberry essence.


Sourced from non-GMO corncobs and stalks and is used as a natural sweetener, a moisturizer, and for its anti-adhesive effect on bacteria.

Calcium Glycerophosphate
Sourced from a mineral deposit and is used as mineral supplement for remineralization. It protects the enamel in teeth and balances the pH.

Natural Peppermint Flavor
Sourced from natural peppermint leaves and is used to infuse a cool, refreshing flavor.

Magnesium Stearate
Sourced from sea water, or brine, combined with plant-based stearic acid and used as an anti-adherent.

Stearic Acid
Sourced from plants and is used as an anti-adherent agent.