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Beef Protein Powder Double Chocolate 1kg

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NZ Protein's beef protein powder is a complete muscle building protein that's great tasting.

Beef protein mixes and digests easily and has a much higher protein level than other sources; Where wheyegg white, and pea typically have around 80% protein, and whey isolate has a little over 90% protein, beef protein powder has 98% protein (unflavoured). That makes this product more economical and as a bonus there's virtually no fat or carbohydrates!

Beef protein is naturally hypoallergenic meaning it's free of milk, egg, soy, lactose, gluten, sugars, and other things* that can cause gut irritations. Eliminate the gastro side effects without comprising results!

A number of people have been turning away from the traditional milk based protein powders in favour of pea and egg protein powders but we feel that this product is a much more satisfying alternative - the Double Chocolate flavour tastes great!

High in protein and collagen. Virtually no fat or carbs. Great dairy free option.

Beef Protein Benefits

Beef protein has a number of benefits:

  • Hypoallergenic and good alternative to milk (whey), egg white and pea based protein sources
  • 98% protein (unflavoured) with virtually no fat or carbohydrates
  • Complete source of protein containing all essential amino acids needed for muscle repair and development
  • Amino acid profile represents beef and resembles human muscle tissue
  • Mixes easily and has a neutral flavour
  • Easily digested with a medium to fast digestion speed
  • High in naturally occurring collagen which has a raft of benefits
  • Promotes growth and recovery of lean muscle
  • Halal certified
  • Made in Switzerland - this product is Hydrobeef. Some other competitors claim that it is grass fed but we have been unable to confirm this status.

Beef Protein Per 100g

Raw beef contains 20-25g protein per 100g. When cooked the water content lessens so the protein level increases to around 28-36g per 100g.

By comparison beef protein isolate powder has 98% protein (unflavoured) because virtually all of the moisture, fat and carbohydrates are eliminated. This includes the saturated fat and cholesterol often associated with the negative effects of consuming beef.

The amino acid profile of beef protein powder is still of beef and resembles the amino acid profile found in human muscle tissue. This means that beef protein isolate is well suited for muscle recovery and development.

This product doesn't need cooking or preparation either so it's incredibly convenient and economical.



Protein digestibility is a measure of the proportion of protein that is absorbed by the body. Beef protein scores 94%.

Biological value is a measure of the proportion of absorbed protein that's retained for growth and maintenance. Beef scores 80.

The Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) is a rating that determines the bioavailibility of a protein. The maximum score is 1.0. Beef scores 0.92 on this scale.

Beef Protein vs Whey

A number of people have been turning away from the traditional milk based protein powders (such as whey) in favour of alternatives.

One serving of our beef contains 128 calories and ~30 grams of protein (unflavoured). One serving of our whey concentrate contains 130 calories and ~25 grams of protein, so both have similar calories and beef has more protein.

Beef is lower in L-leucine than whey. Leucine is one of three branched chain amino acids and is primarily involved in muscle protein synthesis for muscle growth and recovery. It also contributes to the regulation of blood-sugar levels, growth hormone production and wound healing. 

The leucine content of beef is ~3.7g per 100g, and in whey ~9g per 100g, so whey may be better for muscle development. Though this could be easily overcome by having a Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) supplement with the beef isolate.

Though whey has a better amino acid profile for muscle development, the amino profile of beef resembles human muscle tissue. Both are complete proteins containing all essential amino acids. Whey is fast digesting and beef protein isolate digests at a medium to fast speed. Both are excellent tasting and beef makes a good alternative to whey for those who want a great tasting shake.


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Beef Protein Powder Double Chocolate 1kg

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