Low Carb Zone

Chicken S.N.A.C.K 200g


We really take our time to make sure that our products taste amazing. We carefully select the best natural, functional ingredients, organic where possible.

Our products are of the highest quality and handled with purpose and care to preserve their vital superfood nutrients.

As a result, the taste and texture are delicious, while being low on carb. It is crispy and does not clump.



Vegan snack with lip-smacking combo of chicken style flavouring and herbs.

This delicious flavour is always a crowd pleaser!

organic fancy coconut shavings, almond flakes, organic raw coconut oil, Himalayan salt, thyme, oregano, organic onion & garlic powder, spanish paprika, cajun, white pepper

Nutritional value (per serving, 40g)

Calories 239
Protein 5.1g
Fat 27g 
Net Carbs 2.9g