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Espresso Dark Chocolate 75g

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Guilt Free Chocolate – Dark Espresso 

  • Keto friendly
  • Diabetic friendly
  • No sugar alcohols
  • <1.5 net carbs per serve

Proudly New Zealand made!

Nutritional Information:
Serving Size: 1g (2 pieces) 
Servings per Package: 5

average quantity per serve  per 100g
Energy  251kj 1674kj
Protein  1g 5.2g
Fat, Total 5.5g 20.5g
Fat, Saturated 3.3g 12.3 g
Carbohydrate 8.0g 53.5g
- Sugars 6.9g 45.5g
- Allulose 6.7g  44.5g
Fibre  0.7g 4.3g
Sodium  11mg  76mg

Ingredients: 60% cocoa solids (cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cocoa butter). Non-GMO Allulose, Coffee, Vanilla, Salt. 

Allergens: made in facility with milk solids

What is allulose? 

Allulose, also known as D-psicose, is considered a rare sugar because it’s not as abundant in nature as other sugars. Allulose is a monosaccharide (a simple sugar) that was originally detected in small amounts in wheat. It’s also found in whole fruits like raisins and dried figs. Other foods that contain allulose include molasses, maple syrup and brown sugar. Allulose is also produced commercially from fructose or corn. 

How is allulose different from other sugars? 

Although allulose’s chemical structure is like other types of sugarsits physiological impact is differentFor example, allulose is rapidly absorbed by the body but is not metabolized. Most of the allulose we consume leaves the body in urine, some is absorbed in the small intestine and very little of the allulose that makes it to the large instesting is fermented. 

This means that allulose is extremely low in caloriesGram for gram, allulose has approximately 90 percent fewer calories than table sugar. As a result, it does not increase blood sugar levels. In fact, allulose has been shown to reduce the glycemic response to beverages containing maltodextrin, a non-sweet type of carbohydrate derived from starch that is used in a variety of foods and beverages, including commercial baked goods and sports drinks 

The amount and frequency of consuming fermentable carbohydrates, including added sugars, can increase our risk for developing dental cavities. Allulose is unique in this regard. Because it is not fermented in the mouth, it does not contribute to enamel erosion nor does it promote the growth of oral bacteria that is associated with cavity formation. 


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Espresso Dark Chocolate 75g

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