Grass Fed Garlic Infused Cow Ghee | 250ml


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Grass Fed Garlic Cow Ghee

  • Flavoursome and Fantastic: Add that extra bit of flavour to your cooking to take it to the next level. Melt into your stir-fries, pastas, roasts, smother on breads – anything goes! No refrigeration necessary.
  • Pure New Zealand Ghee: Milkio’s garlic infused cow ghee is made locally using the finest milk produced by grazing cows in open pastures of lush New Zealand grass. It is made by heating butter until the milk solids are removed, leaving behind the pure clarified fat.
  • A Healthy Fat: This nourishing super food is enriched with Omega-3, Omega-9 and vitamins A, D, K & E
  • Keto & Paleo Friendly: Milkio’s ghee is suitable for many diets including a Keto, Paleo, gluten free, sugar free, LCHF or low-FODMAP diet.
  • 100% Natural: Our ghee is free from GMOs, artificial colours, MSGs and preservatives.

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