Equilibrium Nutrition

HYDRABOOST- Apple Sours with Lime 30 Serve


Just like a sour apple lolly with a touch of zesty lime. You will love our lip smacking Equilibrium Hydra Boost powder in Apple Sours flavour.


Level up your endurance and recovery during exercise and just in everyday life. Our product is super simple to use and is  a great low sugar alternative to support your daily activities.



    Our product is a lifestyle product and created to be used in limitless ways.

    • Pre or post a big night out
    • As part of a KETO or low carb diet
    • As a sugary drink replacement for diabetics
    • Before/during or after exercise
    • To help incorporate more fluid intake into your busy life
    • As a low sugar alternative to a sugary drink
    • Before, during or after a big day at work, on the boat or out and about
    • Help to restore electrolyte levels and hydration after illness (after GP consultation)