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Keto Cookies - 2.25oz bag CHOCOLATE CHIP


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If you find yourself looking at delicious Keto baking recipes online but don’t have time (or desire) to bake… Now you can enjoy JUST the treats without needing to bake! With Kiss My Keto’s latest Keto Cookies, all you have to do is rip open a pack and start munching down.

These Keto Cookies are ready-to-eat straight out of the pack and contain just 3g net carbs per serving… Making it a tasty, guilt-free snack! In particular, it’s a match made in heaven with your morning coffee or tea. 

Plus, if you’re too busy to prepare snacks - just grab a packet of Keto Cookies and take it with you! You can munch on them while commuting, at work or while you’re waiting to pick up your kids from school. Just make sure you have enough stocked up because your kids are going to love them too!



How Do These Keto Cookies Taste So Good Yet Stay Low In Carbs?

The secret lies in the delicate balance between allulose and almond flour. Allulose is a type of FDA-approved sweetener that contains low calories. But the thing that makes Allulose extra special is that it doesn’t count as a “net carb” because it DOESN’T raise blood sugar or insulin levels.

And chances are, you’ve had allulose before because it’s naturally found in foods like dried fruits, maple syrup and brown sugar! 

As for the cookie dough base, we used almond flour - which is a Keto-friendly type of flour (made from almonds). You’ll often see this ingredient in many Keto recipes because of its low-carb content!

The combination of these two is how we’ve managed to make these delicious Keto Cookies sweet, yet low in carbs (with just 3g net carbs). Plus, one serving contains just 170 calories - which is fewer calories than your average fried egg!

So grab your Keto Cookies now and take your pick from 2 delicious flavors: Chocolate Chip or Butter. Just make sure to grab more than 1 pack because the whole family is going to love them!


>>> How are the Net Carbs calculated?

Net Carbs are calculated by taking the total number of carbs, minus dietary fiber, sugar alcohols and allulose (as these are not digested).


For example, Keto Cookies (Chocolate) contains 2g net carbs per serving because:

12g Total Carbs - 5g Dietary Fiber - 4g Allulose - 1g Sugar Alcohols = 2g Net Carbs 


And Keto Cookies (Butter) contains 3g net carbs per serving because:

12g Total Carbs - 5g Dietary Fiber - 4g Allulose = 3g Net Carbs 

>>> What kind of sweetener is used?

Kiss My Keto Cookies is sweetened with a special type of sweetener called allulose. It is a type of “rare sugar” that DOESN’T get fully absorbed into your bloodstream… And the vast majority of it passed out through urine!

This means it DOESN’T cause blood glucose spikes. Nor does it get metabolized. This makes allulose the perfect sweetener for the Keto lifestyle as it doesn’t contribute toward your daily carb limit.

It’s also very low in calories compared to sugar - and only contains about a tenth of the calories!

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