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ZestKeto Ketone Professional Breath Monitor

Similar to a breath alcohol detector, the ZestKeto Ketalyzer detects and analyses the amount of acetone on your breath. Acetone is produced when you are in a state of ketosis.

A reading of 0.5mmol/L - Ketosis begins
0.5 - 3.0mmol/L - Optimum range for weight loss
3.0 - 5.0 mmol/L - Starvation Ketosis
5.0 - 7.0mmol/L - In need of medical help
Over 7.0mmol/L - In Ketoacidosis

The ZESTKETO Ketalyzer:

1.100% Brand new and high quality
2. Easy to use and quick response and resume
3. Two units display %BAC & g/l
4. Advanced high-precision Semiconductor Ketone Breathalyzer Sensor
5. Auto power off
6. Detect range: 0.00~0.19% BAC & 0.0~1.9g/l
7. Dimension: 120×45×20mm
8. Easy and convenient to use
9. Auto power off. Quick response and resume
10. Material: Plastic
11. Power by 2 * AAA batteries (Not included)
12. Operating time: response: 5s .warm up: 10-15s.
13. Re-useable mouthpieces for more accuracy (5 mouthpieces included – replacements available)
14. Smart MCU control
15. Low Battery alert
16. Compact and lightweight design--fits into purse or pocket easily.
17. International Certifications: FDA, CE, RoHS, FCC
18. Power by 2 * AAA batteries (Not included)

Main Benefits:
- Ease of use, just one breath and you get results
- Convenience, no need for annoying blood or urine tests
- Speed, takes 10 seconds to get results
- Portability, small portable device

- For the most accurate results, take a measurement at fasted state in the morning.
- Do not consume alcohol for at least 10 hours before taking measurements.
- Don't be dehydrated.
- Measure the last 10 seconds of your exhaled breath, the first few seconds are mostly room air.

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