Biosphere Nutrition

Premium Daily Magnesium- Lemon + Lime 30 sachet box


Biosphere Magnesium has been created to be the cleanest, most bioavailable magnesium supplement available.

We have combined three forms of bioavailable magnesium to create the ideal dose with optimal absorption. Each serving contains 400mg of elemental magnesium, a therapeutic dose to help people maintain optimal levels of magnesium.

- Magnesium Citrate
- DiMagnesium Malate
- Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate Chelate

Our magnesium supplement comes as a great tasting, easy to mix powder that is free of binders, fillers and artificial ingredients. Flavoured with natural flavours, sweetened with stevia and monk fruit and coloured with a dash of turmeric.


Why this could be the perfect product for you?

  • Great tasting, easy to mix.
  • Bioavailable blend of magnesium citrate, dimagnesium malate and magneisum lysinate glycinate chelate.
  • Supports healthy bones, quality sleep & energy production.
  • Helps with cardiovascular health & normal muscles function.
  • Help manage stress and anxiety

Mix a single scoop or sachet into water (200ml) until dissolved.

Adults: 1 serving.

Ages 8-13: Half of the adult dose.

Ages 4-7: A quarter of the adult dose.