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Soft Buns Baking Mix


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Lean & Clean Soft Buns are the best bread alternative you will ever taste!


Create your own Lean & Clean Soft Buns.  Buy the dry mix, add egg white, apple cider vinegar and boiling water and bake!

8 buns, 115grams each

Almond flour, organic psyllium husk, organic aluminum free bicarbonate soda, himalayan salt, gold flax seeds for garnish.

WET INGREDIENTS (to be added by you):
Egg whites, apple cider vinegar and boiling water

 Net Carbs- 2.9g

Protein 17.3g

Fat 26.2g


  • It’s easy to digest with only a few ingredients

  • It doesn’t contain any gums or additives

  • We don’t use gas flush

  • It’s very filling due to their large size

  • It’s light and airy

  • It can be eaten with sweet or savoury topping – due to their natural flavour.
  • It has a gentle crust

  • It has no eggy taste

  • It doesn’t change shape

  • It toasts like a real bread

  • It freezes perfectly

  • It’s versatile – the perfect vehicle for sandwiches, panini’s, eggs benne, BLT, burgers and all your favourite low carb meals


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