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Thrive Lollipops


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Naturally Sugar free

No Artifical Ingredients High source of fibre Thrive lollipops come in a mixture of Strawberry, baclberry and Orange.

Made wth Xylitiol and Erythritol you can now enjoy a sweet treat that is good for your health and your teeth! A great alternative to a sugar filled lollipop for kids!

Ingredients Dextrin (dietry fiber), Erythritol, xylitol, citric acid, Natural flavour, Carrot concerntrate, black crrot, black current, purple carrot, blueberry, stevia leaf extract

** Not safe for pets

Excessive consumption may cause a laxitive effect


* 2.3g erythritol per lollipop

*1.2g xylitol per lollipop

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