Dr John's

Ultimate Lollipop Collection 15 lollipops


Assorted Xylitol Lollipops Looking for a fun treat that your family and friends will love? These oval and tooth shaped Sugar Free Lollipops offer fresh, fun flavors without artificial sweeteners!

This collection of lollipops will tickle your taste buds with a mix of the following flavors;(including but not limited to) Berry Swirl, Grape, Orange, Blue Raspberry, Peach Creamsicle and Cherry.

Please note excessive consumption may cause a laxitive effect.

Xylitol is dangerous for dogs please keep away



Dextrin (dietary Fiber) , Erythritol , Xylitol , Citric Acid , Ascorbic Acid , Natural Flavors , Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Color , Spirulina Extract (Color) , Turmeric (Color) , Stevia Leaf Extract

US Label

Net carbs 2g Per serve (2 lollipops)

1g net carbs per lollipop