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Xylosweet | 500g


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Xlear XyloSweet All Natural Low Carb Xylitol Sweetener has all the sweetness of common sugars, yet has 40% fewer calories.

XyloSweet is an ideal alternative sweetener in foods prepared for weight loss or for anyone concerned about the overuse of sugar in their diet. But XyloSweet's low cal sweetening characteristics are only the beginning of its nutritional story. Xylosweet is made of 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade xylitol and is of the highest quality. It contains no additives, flow agents or fillers and is different from the other sugar substitutes on the market Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from plants and has the same sweetness as sugar with no bitter after taste. It has much to offer the health-conscious consumer with a low glycemic index of 7 (compared with 83) and is low in calories (40% fewer).

It and does not interfere with blood sugar levels so is safe for those on sugar-controlled diets.

Xylosweet can be substituted 1;1 in cooking so is an easy ideal choice for both taste and good health

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