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About Laura Smyth from Low Carb Haven

My name is Laura and my keto journey started in September 2017 and I had no idea what I was getting myself into or what keto even was!

My journey originally began as a two week ‘detox’ with a group I had joined on Facebook and then people started commenting this ‘detox’ was like keto, keto? I had never heard of that so I joined a whole lot of American keto groups (which I quickly left) and then came across Keto New Zealand. There was only about 3,000 members when I joined. I found the concept and macros relatively easy to get my head around and away I went. My husband got on board at the end of 2018 and now maintains a mostly carnivore diet.

Now throughout my life I have had many health issues from seronegative rheumatoid arthritis, Raynaud’s phenomenon, posterior uveitis and lastly idiopathic angioedema. You know how many flare ups I've had since starting keto? A big fat zero! You know how much medication I take now? Nada! I am a firm believer that following a keto diet and eating no processed foods has helped me become symptom free.

My vision for Low Carb Haven is for it to be a hub for the keto community. Where we can collaborate over recipes and share our stories and lift each other up and offer a judge free supportive space. I envision a directory where all keto businesses can advertise and sell their products to anyone who wants them, this is just the beginning of the plans I have for this amazing space. My vision is endless.

With an ever expanding range of products I am always looking for new suppliers and keto goodies, If you have any suggestions for us or know of any products I should source please let us know or if you are a supplier that has keto products, please get in touch.

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