Flour & Dough



This is the perfect Keto and Gluten Free Bread mix. Loaded with pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts that are all good for you and give that great extra nourishment that you are looking for.

You don’t have to waste time kneading or rising this bread, and you don’t have to have any fancy equipment or even be the next master chef!

Whip it up in 5 minutes and bake for 30 minutes!


For a extra special treat add 2 spoons of honey to the melted coconut and then add as per instructions!

For something different make this package into burger buns and serve for lunch!


Recommended Loaf Tin size 11cm x 20cm - if yours is slightly bigger, you can block it off with a piece of folded tin foil or use it as is!

Almond Meal, Psyllium Husk, Baking Powder, Salt, Pumpkin Seeds and Cashew Nuts

ALLERGENS: Tree Nuts, Peanuts

May contain traces of: Soy and Sesame

No preservatives, no sugar