Equilibrium Nutrition

HYDRA-BOOST Passion Mango Daquiri 30 serve



Introducing EQ Hydraboost's newest tantalizing taste! Get ready to be awestruck by the tangy and delectable fusion of passionfruit and mango. (Passionfruit takes the spotlight in this irreplaceable pair.)

With the same electrolyte blend and ingredients that made our past formulas a hit, this new addition will bring the same remarkable quality and pleasure. Elevate your stamina and recovery during exercise and throughout the day.

Our product is incredibly easy to use and a great low sugar option to back up your everyday activities. Live your most vibrant life with EQ Hydraboost.



 Add one scoop to 300-400ml cold water (ice adds that extra bit of chill) and mix well. You can add more of less water to get the taste just right for you


    • Our product is a lifestyle product and created to be used in limitless  ways.

      • Pre or post a big night out
      • As part of a KETO or low carb diet
      • As a sugary drink replacement for diabetics
      • Before/during or after exercise
      • To help incorporate more fluid intake into your busy life
      • As a low sugar alternative to a sugary drink
      • Before, during or after a big day at work, on the boat or out and about
      • Help to restore electrolyte levels and hydration after illness (after GP consultation)