Keto Activate 90 Capsules


Keto Activate Capsules are 50% stronger than all other Keto Capsules on the market. Containing a massive 2.4g of BHB per 3 capsules and contain 90 capsules per bottle. Other BHB capsules in the market have only 1.2g and 60 capsules.

Benefits of BHB:

  1. Reach Ketosis -Supplementing with BHB puts the body in a state of ketosis.
  2. Fat burning - Trigger's your body to start burning fat as energy, activate ketosis in hours not weeks.
  3. Increased energy levels - Great clean source of sugar-free energy for the body without the crashes associated with glucose.
  4. Mental focus - Carbohydrates cause your blood sugar to rise and fall, when in ketosis the brain has a consistent fuel source enabling you to focus for longer peiod of time.
  5. Appetite control - When using fat as energy you won't experience spikes in blood sugar and cravings. Keto Activate also works well with intermittent fasting.

 Capsules are perfect for travel, topping up your ketone levels and also just an energy boost when your concentration is fading.

Made in Australia using the highest quality ketones in the market GOBHB.

Recommendation: Take 3 capsules daily with or without food. You may open up the capsules and put into water or a shake if preferred.