Flour & Dough



This Gluten Free bread mix is perfect to make when you have a few free minutes in between life. No kneading or rising required, which makes this the perfect bread mix for anyone to make! With its easy airy crumb and subtle taste, you can pair it with any topping you like!

Perfect to use as as keto bread mix part of your keto diet

Try using it for a stuffing, the crumble in apple pie, burger buns, binding for your burger patties, banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, just try it!

Recommended Loaf Tin size 11cm x 20cm - if yours is slightly bigger, you can block it off with a piece of folded tin foil or use it as is!


Almond Meal, Psyllium Husk, Baking Powder, Salt


ALLERGENS: Tree Nuts and Peanuts

May contain traces of: Soy

No preservatives, no sugar