Real Salt Smoked Salt- Hickory Blend 396g


Nutty, sweet, and intensely fragrant. Hickory Smoked Real Salt brings you the hickory flavor you love without having to babysit your Traeger all day. To create our hickory smoked salt, we smoked unrefined, ancient Real Salt (aka “Nature’s First Sea Salt”) with red alderwood and hickory for 30 hours, giving it a strong smoky flavor that’s a little sweet and a little savory. (Pro tip: If you LOVE the smell of hickory smoke, an open pouch or shaker will allow the fragrance to fill your kitchen; if you prefer a mix of other cooking aromas, be sure to close the container after each use.)


Smoked salt is a simple way to add a bold, smoky flavor to practically any dish. You can use it to:

 Add an instant BBQ flavor to dishes without grilling.

 Make healthy snacks like salads, fresh veggies, and even fruit more exciting.

 Spice up everyday foods like grilled cheese, soup, and eggs.

 Create smoky sauces and marinades.

 Make a smoky, flavorful meat rub.

 Garnish cocktails (like a margarita or bloody mary) in a more creative way.