Optimum Nutrition

Sparkling Blue Lemonade RTD 355ml x 12 pack


Needing a hydrating refreshment on the go?

Searching for a ready-to-drink product that doesn’t just taste good — it actually is good? Look no further than Optimum Nutrition’s RTD sparkling energy drink.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Sparkling energy drinks — the most delicious way to power up

Drink it in the morning to get your day started right, sip one before a workout to give yourself the boost you need to push yourself or just have one for those times when you need a little pick-me-up during the day. This easy-to-drink, pre-mixed crowd-pleaser is just the thing for every serious athlete, weekend warrior or general health enthusiast to have on hand so that you can boost your performance.

Optimum Nutrition RTD Amino drinks that you will love

Mixed with a potent amino acid blend and natural caffeine sources, these energising and refreshing drinks can be enjoyed at any time of the day for a near-instant hit of vitality and power that will have you enjoying life just a little bit more

.Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Sparkling RTD

A combination of 5 grams of Amino Acids, 100 Milligrams Of Caffeine, and Electrolytes makes OPTIMUM NUTRITION AMINO ENERGY SPARKLING RTD the perfect support for endurance, performance and active living.

- Replaces electrolytes lost during exercise.
- Supports everyday performance and goals.
- Contains 100mg of caffeine from natural sources.