Glam Jam & Cordials

Strawberry Spread 230g


Glam Food's Strawberry Compote is a low sugar, low carb jam made with real strawberries. With just 0.5g of sugar per serving, it makes a healthy addition to yogurt, granola, and other snacks. Suitable for adults and children alike, its sweet and fruity flavor is also ideal for baking and cooking. Enjoy the taste of childhood with this easy-to-use spread!


INGREDIENTS: Strawberries 85%, lemon, natural sweetener (stevia leaf extract, erythritol), citrus pectin and guar gum


Please note this is a perishable item that we send frozen. Due to its nature we only ship Monday- Thursday in the North Island and Monday- Wednesday to the South Island. Should your order contain glam jams on a day we do not ship it will be held in full until the following Monday