Sweetnz X Ocho Handcrafted 60% Dark PNG Chocolate ℮95g


Handcrafted from Papua New Guinea cacao using Sweetnz Golden Brown, for a non-sugar chocolate this is a huge step up from what you'll find at your local supermarket. 

This is artisanal chocolate at it's finest. Simple, hand crafted, bean-to-bar chocolate from Papua New Guinea cacao. 

This is chocolate you can feel good about enjoying. All our cacao beans are sourced directly from our neighbours in the Pacific Islands, so we can ensure the farmers get a fair price. Then, every step of the simple, hands on, bean-to-bar process is dine under one roof, at Ocho in Dunedin. Delicious proof that chocolate ca be good for growers, makers and eaters alike.


KETO DIETS: For Keto diets please note that the polyols or dietary fibre have not been subtracted from the carbohydrate count. Under normal circumstances as polyols are generally zero-GI they are subtracted, however this was the first time the manufacturer has worked with these ingredients and they opted to treat our products as they would sugar. We are requesting a recalculation for the benefit of our Keto practising customers. Apologies for any confusion.


Ingredients: Papua New Guinea Cacao beans (60%) and sweetener Erythritol, Stevia and Molasses.

Macros (these carbs have dietary fibre already deducted to show net carbs):
per 16g 3 squares:  Energy 284kJ, Protein 1.2g, Fat 4.6g, Carbohydrates 0.5g, Sugars 0.3g, Sodium 3mg, Gluten none detected. 

Important note: Dietary Fibre of 1.7g per serve is included in the carbs listed on the packaging when it was meant to be excluded. 

per 100gEnergy 1068kJ, Protein 7.8g, Fat 28.8g, Carbohydrates 2.8g, Sugars 2.4g, Sodium 18mg

Important note: Dietary Fibre of 10.8g is included in the carbs listed on the packaging when it was meant to be excluded.