Electrolytes - the What, Why, Where and When!

Electrolytes - the What, Why, Where and When!

Jul 20, 2022Blackjet Westbury

The health and wellness industry is full of trends that come and go, and the term ‘electrolytes’ has been popping up more and more lately. 

But what are electrolytes - just a trending topic? Or a genuine player when it comes to improving wellbeing?

Electrolytes are important for all lifestyles, but awareness of your intake is particularly crucial on lower-carb or keto diets! Keep reading to find out why…

What are electrolytes - and why do we need them?

Electrolytes’ are minerals - like potassium, calcium or sodium. These minerals carry an electrical charge which power most automatic functions within the body.

Electrolytes aren’t a fad - they’re essential for the health and vitality of the human body, which requires a balance of different electrolytes to survive.

We rely on electrolytes to feel our best, rebuild damaged tissue, regulate nerve and muscle function, hydrate the body and balance blood acidity and pressure!

Source: SwipeRx PH

Where do we get electrolytes + when do we need to boost our intake?

Our bodies extract electrolytes from food on a daily basis. Plenty of day-to-day items provide the minerals that we need, such as bananas (potassium), dairy (calcium) and salt (sodium and chloride). While a well-balanced diet can be sufficient to keep your electrolyte balance in check, sometimes our bodies need extra help. This is especially true if dietary restrictions impact your mineral intake - like when you’re embarking on keto!

Whatever our diet, as our bodies lose fluid, we also lose important electrolytes. When you start keto, your body’s fluid loss increases, resulting in loss of key electrolytes, too. Combined with a decrease in carbohydrate intake, which affects how electrolytes are processed, keto beginners are often at risk of a negative imbalance. The result of this presents as unfortunate symptoms, often called the ‘keto flu’. Maintaining your electrolyte balance through supplementation is a key way to avoid feeling poorly as you start on a low carb journey!

Electrolyte supplementation isn’t just for low carb lifestyles. Those who sweat frequently, such as athletes, those on their feet all day and people living in hot climates may be at risk for electrolyte depletion. Illnesses that involve a lot of rapid fluid loss, such as fever or vomiting, can also cause an imbalance. In situations like these, balance needs to be restored for ultimum function and recovery. While many people know to reach for water, drinking too much plain water can actually exacerbate the effects of low electrolytes, by diluting the fluids in your body. True hydration comes from electrolytes directing water to where your body most needs it!

If you lose a significant amount of electrolytes, you’re likely on a path to dehydration. Fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches or dizziness are all signs that your nervous system is depleted of the vital minerals it needs to function. If you’re experiencing any of these, boosting your intake of electrolytes might be a good decision!

Low Carb Haven’s Recommendations

There are an abundance of electrolyte products on the market, which can make it confusing and difficult to know what to purchase. Many choices have high amounts of added sugar, making them suitable for those on low-carb diets!

Low Carb Haven stock effective electrolyte products that we stand behind. Simply add these mixes to water to create a refreshing, ultra hydrating beverage!

Redmond Re-Lyte

Re-Lyte has been crafted from Redmond Real Salt: unrefined sea salt sourced from an ancient seabed in Utah, completely untouched by modern pollutants. It’s pure, unprocessed, and full of trace minerals that give Re-Lyte one-of-a-kind nutritional benefits.

With an exhaustive set of micronutrients, Relyte has everything you need and nothing you don’t - no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. 

With a subtle, salty-sweet flavour, you’ll taste the difference immediately. Relyte tastes good for you, and it is!

Available in 60 serve tubs: Lemon Lime, Mango, Mixed Berry, Pina Colada, Strawberry Lemonade, Watermelon Lime and Unflavoured

Keto Nutrition ReVitalise

ReVitalise is a great tasting blend of electrolytes and minerals designed for the whole family. ReVitalise contains glycine, an important amino acid that works to create glutathione (a powerful antioxidant), creatine (which supports muscle development) and the production of collagen! Sweetened with Stevia, each scoop will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised!

Available in 30 or 90 serve tubs: Sour Apple, Grape, Raspberry, Lemon Lime


 Locako Keto Electrolyte

Locako Electrolytes

Locako’s premium replenishing and hydrating blend of key electrolytes, vitamins and minerals is perfect to aid mineral restoration lost during ketosis. Locako have strippped out any unnecessary fillers and additives - rest assured you’re only getting what your body needs!

Locako Keto Electrolyte mixes are fruity and tangy, and just 2 calories per serve!

Available in 30 serve tubs: Raspberry or Lemonade

For optimal health and physical performance, having the right amount of electrolytes in your body is key. For those on a low carb journey, electrolyte intake is vital to avoid experiencing the ‘keto flu’. Whatever your lifestyle, maintaining the ideal balance for performance and wellness can be more easily achieved through the simple addition of an electrolyte supplement! Electrolyte mixes are so easy to prepare - just add to water and go! A great tasting electrolyte mix can enhance the whole family’s health - add to kids or gym water bottles or sip away at your desk for an ultra-hydrating boost!

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