My Keto Journey

My Keto Journey

Mar 26, 2019Laura Smyth

My keto journey started in September 2017. I have never been overly overweight but at 5 foot nothing I am very aware that a 2kg weight gain can look like a 5kg weight gain on my body and I had reached that ‘my clothes don’t look good on me anymore stage’.

I didn’t know I was starting keto, I joined a Facebook weight loss challenge nd I thought I would use it as a bit of a 2 week detox coz I was eating too much chocolate.

The word “keto” started getting thrown around a lot, I had heard of low carb before but not keto. I started googling and it sounded pretty good, I mean its not called the bacon and butter diet for nothing!

I joined some Keto Facebook groups and opened my Instagram account lauralovesketo. I loved the people I was meeting and I was inspired by the recipes they created. I lost 4 kgs and the December hit and I decided to ‘take a break’.

That turned into a month of what can only be described as binge eating- which I had never had an issue with before and it scared me! I felt foggy, tired and unenergetic and I was so grumpy all the time! I put 5kgs on.

I jumped back on the keto wagon in January 2018, I tracked my food and I threw out all the Christmas chocolate. The fog lifted and I felt energised and happy! This is when I knew the keto ‘diet’ had morphed into a ‘ketogenic lifestyle’ for me.

I found a love of recipe creation and I am still working on my food photography skills, some days the recipe creating went a little too far and led me to blowing out my calories which meant my weight loss was minimal but I wasn’t here for weight loss anymore I was here for mental clarity and energy.

I was able to start trusting myself not to track as religiously. I found my groove, I met friends, I became the crazy lady that ready every label in the supermarket and asked the waiter exactly what was in every sauce.

I stayed in my own lane and didn’t force this way of eating on anyone, in fact I never felt the need to tell anyone! Not out of shame but because it was just so adaptable. If we went out for brunch Its easy to order eggs benedict with no bread or an omelette. Out for drinks with the girls, I’ll take a vodka, lime and soda please (just make sure its fresh lime and not lime cordial!)

Over 2018 I did a few egg fasts with varying results, I started intermittent fasting. In October I decided to do a ‘carnivore’ week challenge. And you know what that turned into a month long challenge. If I thought I felt good on Keto Carnivore was next level!

Stew, my husband had never commented or committed to keto decided to give carnivore a whirl as he does not like a lot of flavour on his foods, and he was hooked. He follows a carnivore diet 99% of the time.

Over Christmas 2018 I was feeling really lost within myself, I knew I wasn’t happy. I knew the keto community made me happy and that recipe and content creation made me happy, the idea of Low Carb Haven is all of that combined.

Low Carb Haven is an online hub for all things low carb, keto, diabetic friendly and sugar free. My vision for the hub is endless and I am so excited to continue my journey with you all. I cannot wait to colab with some amazing brands and inspire all of you to follow your own paths, wherever they may lead you.

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