10 Tips for Keto Beginners

10 Tips for Keto Beginners
  1. Track what you eat! Download an app such as My fitness Pal or Carb manager, familiarize yourself with it and track EVERYTHING you eat

  2. Use a macro calculator like the one from This will give you your total calories and break it down into how many grams of carbs, protein and fat you should be eating a day

  3. Electrolytes are NOT optional. Keto flu can hit when your electrolytes are out of balance or when first starting the keto diet. Keeping on top of them will help to ease symptoms

  4. Keep it simple! A portion of protein and a portion of leafy greens cooked in a healthy fat such as coconut oil is a balanced meal. Stay away from keto replacements such as bread and sweets in the beginning, they will just trigger your cravings even more

  5. Carbs are a limit, protein is a goal and fat is a lever. You do not need to consume all of your carb or fat macros but it is important to hit your protein mass. If you do not you risk losing muscle mass and increased hair loss. If you have excess fat to lose I would recommend not hitting your fat macro unless you are really hungry. You want your body to use the excess fat it already has stored as fuel rather than feeding it more fat

  6. Read as much information as you can until you feel confident you are on the right track for you. Some people find 20g of carbs is great but if your body feels off try a few more or a few less until you find your own keto

  7. Do not worry about intermittent fasting. It will happen naturally, as you become fat adapted you will be less hungry making it easier to experiment with intermittent fasting

  8. Find your tribe, be it a Facebook group, a family member or friend who is encouraging and supportive. They will help you more than you know

  9. Preparation is key! If you can spend a few hours each week meal prepping or freezer stashing you are much more likely to stay on track and not be tempted to reach for the easy option of you are caught short

  10. Just because it’s low carb doesn’t mean its keto. Lean to read labels and ingredients. Sugar has many different names such as sucralose, maltitol (which can cause an upset yummy and laxative effect) plus many of these will raise your blood glucose level and that is something we are trying to avoid on keto. These types of ingredients may also stall your weight loss as well

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