New Year, New you?

New Year, New you?

Jan 06, 2022Laura Smyth

What new year resolutions are on the horizon for 2022?

Was it to begin a keto journey? Maybe it was to pick it back up again because last year the chocolate got just too tempting...

A keto diet doesn’t have to be a resolution that fades away after a few months. With planning, preparation and a pantry filled with great low carb keto products, you’ll be living the keto lifestyle in no time!

Finding what works for you personally is one of the best ways to stay keto and keep at it. By preparing the kitchen cupboards, having food substitutes on hand, and finding meal inspiration, you’ll be less likely to give in to temptation. Staying hydrated, doing light exercise, and talking to others who have started their journey is a great way to stay motivated and on track.

Prepare the kitchen cupboards

Preparation is key when beginning a keto diet to stay on track and avoid giving in to temptation. Going through the pantry and eliminating foods rich in sugar and starch is a great start to removing products that could tease you into a cheeky bite of something that won’t help achieve your goals while no one is looking. Be strict and read all the labels because sugar can be hidden everywhere, and with confusing names like sucralose and maltitol, it can be tricky to work out what to get rid of and what to keep. From experience, giving non keto products away to family and friends is a great way to remove the temptation and not waste food.

There are so many great keto-friendly recipes online, we’d recommend planning out meals and stocking up on keto friendly pasta, snacks, drinks, and supplements from our online pantry – trust us, there are so many great substitutes.


Maintain hydration

As the body transitions into ketosis, it takes time to adjust to burning ketones for fuel instead of carbohydrates, so naturally, your body will go through a change, also known as keto flu. From personal experience, it’s not great, but don’t let that discourage you- it’s temporary, and you’ll most likely feel more energized than before you started. It happens to almost everyone, and you can do a lot to take care of yourself as you move through the keto flu stage or perhaps avoid it altogether! Staying hydrated with plenty of fluids is super important, and electrolytes will honestly be your best friend in this time.

Don’t worry. We’ve got just the thing to keep up the fluids – find it here.

Light walks, swims, or yoga are great exercises to keep your body moving. Take it easy for the first few weeks, and then increase intensity as your body adapts.

Share experiences

Everyone’s journey is different, so talk to people about their experiences – they might even have some handy hints! There’s a world of information about keto, so do some reading, join a Facebook group, or follow along with our journey. We’re constantly sharing meal ideas, tips and tricks, and blogs to help our low carb community. So, reach out if you have any questions. Keto comes second nature in our family, so we’re always happy to help.

If you’re looking to start the new year off right, it starts with taking care of yourself.

That’s why Low Carb Haven is here to support you and your journey – no matter what that may be. From an online pantry that’s a food lover’s dream to delicious recipes for meal inspiration, Low Carb Haven is here for you for all things low carb and keto.

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