Twelve things for a keto Christmas

Twelve things for a keto Christmas

Dec 07, 2021Blackjet Westbury

Following a low carb keto diet can be tricky at this time of year. Particularly if you’ve recently started or are still trying to find your feet counting carbs and staying in ketosis.

If you're not a low carb keto family like ours, it can be handy to have substitute products ready to go. So, here are twelve things for a keto Christmas to keep you on track with a low carb keto journey! Because let’s be honest, it's Christmas, and no one should miss out!

1. Christmas truffles on the menu? Swap them out for Locako Rum Balls!

Limited edition and just in time for the festive season, Locako's Rum Balls will be your go-to this Christmas. With the taste of Christmas, without the carbs and calories, these balls have the best combination of collagen, healthy nuts, and pre/probiotics to make them perfect for a Christmas treat! Once you try these, you won't want to go back!

2. Love a Christmas cake?

Justine's makes it easy this year with their super simple and effortlessly easy Christmas cake! Requiring only a few ingredients to whip together a delicious keto Christmas cake, this cake mix is sure to be a fan favourite this year! Indulge in a guilt-free Christmas with a slice of cake with only 4.6g of carbs per slice. Decorate and serve with the toppings of your choice; the result will be a delicious festive treat!


3. It's not Christmas without chocolate-covered strawberries, right? Swap it out for Callowfit Chocolate Sauce!

Christmas brings out all the sweet treats, and with summer in full swing, why not make the most of the fresh fruits and berries on offer? A family favourite and a hit with the kids, chocolate covered strawberries are a must-have at the Christmas table. To make it low carb and keto friendly, simply substitute the chocolate for CallowFit Chocolate Sauce. This sugar-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free option is seriously YUM, and you can use it on pancakes and waffles too!


4. Cranberry Sauce, anyone?

It couldn't possibly be Christmas without cranberry sauce! Luckily no one is missing out this year, thanks to Jok N Al Cranberry Sauce. As a keto alternative to traditional cranberry sauces which are often high in sugar, this low calorie, low carb option contains less than 10% sugar, with the same fruitful rich taste!


5. Champagne breakfast but can't eat the croissants? Well, now you can, just substitute them for Feeling Ok!

With only 4g of carbs per croissant, these are so good you'll forget they are even low carb! The Feeling Ok range makes eating keto easy, with a fantastic range of croissants. Their low carb options make superb bread and cracker substitutes so that you can enjoy the festive season without worry!


6. Don't miss out on the platters and spreads! Fill platters with low carb options; just add the cheese!

From seed-only crackers to mini grissino and crostino - to flavourful olives to complete the platter, you'll find all your favourites in our pantry! Try Serpis Olives for a standout antipasto platter or Superseed Crackers and Keep Keto for a crunchy bite without lots of carbs!


7. Got the condiments sorted for the BBQ? Nothing Naughty is here to help.

 Nothing Naughty, well, it's exactly that. With no naughty ingredients, their sauces are not only delicious on absolutely everything, but they're gluten and dairy-free, keto and vegan too! From Sweet Chilli to BBQ to the classic tomato sauce, the family won't even notice the swap!


8. Dessert can't happen without the custard. Try swapping it out for a SNAXX alternative.

Custard always goes down a treat at Christmas, but that doesn't mean you have to go without. SNAXX is a keto-friendly, low carb, gluten-free and high protein alternative that's quick, easy, and so delicious too! With only 1.2g of carbs per serving, just add cream and butter for a vanilla hit to complement any dessert!


9. Pancakes are always a crowd-pleaser, especially Gingerbread ones!

 Our family is OBSESSED with pancakes, our kids love them, and we're a big fan too, so of course, for Christmas, we'll be making gingerbread pancakes for breakfast! Topped with ginger granola, whipped cream, and fresh berries, it really can't get better than that! Using all low carb keto ingredients, these pancakes are sure to bring out the Christmas spirit in your family. Find the recipe and shop the ingredients here.


10. Cookies are a must for any Christmas Day! Here are a few ideas to keep you on track!

From shortbread to gingerbread, there's no Christmas without cookies! Skybird has a delicious range of home-baked cookies from Chocolate Chip to Caramel Crème, and Justine's have a special range of buttery shortbread and gingernut cookies. With fewer carbs and calories than traditional cookies, you'll be lucky if these last until Christmas - they're just that good!

11. Gingerbread house on the agenda? Switch it out for a super easy gingerbread cake!

This year, the baking is made easy thanks to Justine's Keto Gingerbread Cake Mix. Needing only three simple ingredients, you'll have a delicious keto festive cake and you'll be in and out of the kitchen in no time! Sound like a bit of you? Shop it here!

12. Stay on track with our Keto Christmas Pack!

To make it simple and Christmas stress-free, we've put together all the things you need to stay on track this Christmas! From sauces to snacks, there won't even be the temptation to reach for the carb-heavy food on the table! Shop it here.


For all your low carb keto goodies this Christmas, we’ve got you! At Low Carb Haven, our online pantry is well stocked for the festive season, so you can shop your favourites and find some new loves this Christmas without missing out on all the festive fun!


p.s. Don’t forget to check out our Christmas bundles here!


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