Superb Swaps for the Ultimate Keto Christmas

Superb Swaps for the Ultimate Keto Christmas

Oct 31, 2022Christine Westbury

As the festive season fast approaches, with it comes an abundance of temptations to stray off the keto course. How often have you said “just one”, to end up having two, or three… then inevitably spend a week overindulging?

How good would it be to head into the new year feeling healthy and confident, rather than cycling through another guilt-fuelled carb detox, complete with sugar withdrawal and keto flu? With our keto Christmas swaps, let’s make it happen! We’ve got replacements for all your holiday favourites to ensure keto sticks this summer.

Starters And Sides

Roast meat, fresh salads… there’s nothing stopping you from achieving the Christmas feast of your dreams. Pair the main event with these side dishes and starters that are foolproof keto!

Perfect Platters

Start off on the right foot with a delicious platter to enjoy with family and friends! Low Carb Haven stocks keto swaps for all your traditionally carb-y platter items.

Low-Carb Pasta

Pasta salad, anyone? Perfectly portable to take with you - whether that’s the beach or a bbq!

Potatoes Sh’matoes 

No Christmas potatoes? Cue crying! Just kidding, low carb potato replacements are just as good, if not better!

Feelin’ Saucy

Don’t miss out on the full experience of a roast dinner or summer bbq - sugar free sauces are just as tasty!


These desserts are so good, you’ll be converting family and friends with one bite…

Christmas Classics

Keep it traditional with these easy-to-bake keto desserts that even Nanna would approve of!

Keto crowd-pleasers

Fussy eaters? No problem with these puds that will keep the carbs low and the family happy. We have a whole range of recipes up on our website, too!


Why drink your carbs if you don’t need to?! Stay refreshed with these sugar-free swaps.

Sugar-Free Soda To Go

No doubt you’ll be visiting family and friends these holidays. Take a few soda cans with you so you’ll always have a keto-friendly beverage on hand!

Keto Cocktails

Did someone say cocktails?! Torani and Bickford’s syrups are keto friendly and totally delicious! Top up with chilled water or sugar-free fizzy mixer. A splash of your favourite keto spirit optional - but recommended! While you’re playing bartender, take a look at our Keto Pina Colada recipe.

Sparkling Water

Level up your sparking water with Six Barrel Soda Seltz Drops! Transform boring water into a refreshing, naturally flavoured bev that will delight the tastebuds!

Stocking Stuffers

These keto treats are great whenever you need something sweet! Perfect for stocking stuffers, road trips or passing ‘round during a movie!

As you can see, a keto Christmas is totally achievable! When eating low carb is this easy and tasty, there’s no way you’ll feel like you’re missing out this festive season. At Low Carb Haven, we’re making it our mission to support you to make healthy choices this summer, so you feel great every day. Simply get in touch if you have any questions or browse the whole pantry here! And don’t worry, if you decide to indulge this Christmas, we’ll be right here for you in the new year with lots of tips to get you back on track!

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