Top 10 Low-Calorie Swaps for Your Favourite High-Calorie Treats

Top 10 Low-Calorie Swaps for Your Favourite High-Calorie Treats

Mar 21, 2024Laura Smyth

Top 10 Low-Calorie Swaps for Your Favourite High-Calorie Treats

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply make healthier choices, paying attention to calories is one of the simplest solutions. Those little afternoon and post-dinner treats are often packed with calories and can quickly add up. But life is too short to forego all indulgence, so instead of cutting your high-calorie treats out completely, why not swap them out for low-calorie substitutes?

At Low Carb Haven, we stock a wide range of healthier versions of your favourite snacks and treats. Below are ten of our customers’ favourites - give them a try today!

Easy Low-Calorie Snack Swaps

Potato Chips

Crunchy, salty and oh-so-moreish, chips are the ultimate snack. But while ordinary chips are pure carbohydrates, there are other alternatives that can give your body more of the good stuff. 

Wholesome Provisions Sea Salt & Vinegar Protein Chips have all the same textural qualities you crave, with more to keep you going. Packing a whopping 14g of protein into each serve, they’ll keep you fuller for longer, making them a much more satisfying choice.


Do you grab the cookie jar when the 3pm slump sets in? Swap those sugar-laden shrewsbury’s with something a little more sustaining. 

We stock a wide range of cookies including high-protein, low-sugar and keto options. A firm favourite are Skyebird Keto Anzac Cookies, which have less than 60 calories.

Ice Cream

Love the creamy goodness of a big tub of ice-cream? There are lots of low-cal alternatives, from frozen yoghurt to blending frozen berries. For those following a keto diet, you can even make your own keto ice cream following this easy recipe.


Dairy Milk Chocolate

Chocolate was once one of the hardest sweet treats to find a substitute for, particularly if you’re not a fan of super rich dark chocolate. But now, there are a huge range of sugar-free, dairy-free and high-protein chocolate alternatives for any diet. 


We love these Quest Peanut Butter Cups, with 11g of protein and only 190 calories.


Gummy Sweets

Step away from the Haribo and grab yourself a healthier bag of lollies that still have that same great chewy consistency. For example, Fruity Gummy Snake have 85% less sugar than other gummy snakes, using natural sweeteners to satisfy your sweet tooth. 



Whether loaded with beef and beans or on their own, those flavour-packed triangles are hard to say no to. So don’t! Instead, stock up on the great range of Tortilla Style Protein Chips from Quest. Loaded Taco flavour is one Low Carb Haven’s office favourites with 19 g of protein and only 140 calories per serving.



If you’re a sucker for a slice of cake, it’s worth keeping a low-cal alternative on-hand for when temptation is high. These Birthday Cake Frosted Cookies combine the flavour of cake with the moreish bite of biscuit to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. 


Fruit Juice

It might seem like a healthy choice, but fruit juice is loaded with sugars and isn’t suitable for many diets. Get your tasty hydration fix without the sugar or calories, by swapping that glass of juice with a flavoured electrolyte mix. Not only does Re-Lyte Electroylute Mix - Watermelon and Lime taste fantastic, but it replenishes lost minerals for better health. 


Hard Candies

Whether you’re a Werther’s fan or a barley sugar is more your cup of tea, there’s something satisfying about sucking on a hard candy. 


For a sugar-free substitute, try Dr John’s Classic Fruit Hard Candies. With six delicious flavours and great allergy-friendly credentials, they’re suitable for just about anybody!



Popcorn is often a high-calorie snack, especially when it's drenched in butter and salt! However, it can actually be a light and healthy treat when prepared the right way. 


Air-popped popcorn without added fats can be a fantastic low-calorie alternative. At Low Carb Haven, we offer a variety of seasonings that can turn plain popcorn into a delicious, guilt-free snack. 

Ready for some guilt-free indulgence?

Explore our full range of snacks and sweet treats at Low Carb Haven. With options available for many common dietary requirements, you’re sure to find a new favourite from our online shelves. 

Start shopping and pick out something delicious today.

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