What are we drinking this Summer?

What are we drinking this Summer?

Nov 20, 2023Laura Smyth

With blue skies beckoning, we're all spending more time outdoors in the sunshine. So, what better time for the team at Low Carb Haven to share our favourite refreshing drinks for summer?! 

In this article, we'll share a round-up of thirst-quenchers for the warmer weather, from the perfect iced coffee combos to our new water-based protein drinks that help you make the most of your workouts. And, as always, everything you'll find here is sugar-free and low in carbs, making them suitable for a range of dietary requirements.

So, let's raise a glass to health, flavour, and sunny days ahead. We can't wait to see which drink becomes your new favourite!

BODIE*Z Protein Water

The newest addition to Low Carb Haven’s online store, we know you’re going to love the BODIE*Z range as much as we do. With 10-30g of protein per bottle, less than 1g of sugar and rehydrating vitamins and minerals, it’s the perfect pre or post-workout drink.

Our favourite is the BODIE*Z Vegan Pineapple & Coconut, which is the perfect tropical summer drink. 

Before You Speak

The ultimate decadent drink for hot summer days, iced coffee is the perfect refresher and pick-me-up rolled into one. We love Before You Speak Performance Coffee sachets and, in particular, The OG, which is infused with turmeric, MCT oil and ginseng for added pep in your step.

Pair it with a shot of your favourite Torani sugar-free syrup and milk of your choice for a delicious midday treat.

Amino Energy

Don’t like coffee but need a boost? With amino acids, caffeine and electrolytes, Amino Energy is an energy drink, but not as you know it. In a range of delicious pop-and-go cans, try flavours including Blue Lemon, Mango Pineapple Limeaid and Sparkling Strawberry.

Vital Zing Soda Drops

If you enjoy the convenience and cost savings of making carbonated drinks at home, you’ll love Vital Zing Soda Drops. Designed for carbonated water, simply add a few drops into bottled sparkling water or in place of Soda Stream syrup. You’ll find all the classics at Low Carb Haven, including Cola, Lemonade and our favourite, Ginger Beer.  

Vital Zing Milk Drops

Another great option from Vital Zing, Milk Drops are the perfect way to jazz up your kids’ drink over the summer. Made with natural ingredients and no sugar, dairy or carbs, they’re diabetic and vegan-friendly - just add them to the plant milk of your choice. We stock a great range of flavours, but Banana is our team’s top pick. 

Vital Zing Water Drops

With Vital Zing, there really is something for everyone! Water Drops are one of our best-selling drink options online simply because they’re so versatile. Great for keeping in your office drawer or handbag, just add a few drops to transform a glass of water into something infinitely more delicious. Peach & Passionfruit is our favourite, but there’s a fruity combo for all tastes. 

Get inspired with Ways To Use Water Drops At Home.


No list of summer drinks would be complete without a great cocktail, and Margaritaville delivers with its range of cocktail-inspired flavour sachets. Just add alcohol and water and shake, or omit the alcohol for a delicious sugar-free mocktail. 

Can’t choose a flavour? Our Cocktail Bundle lets you sample the three best-sellers. Mmm, tastes like holiday!

With so many fantastic choices at Low Carb Haven, you’re sure to find everything you need to stay cool and hydrated this Summer. Why not pick a few and find your new go-to? 

Happy sipping, everyone!

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