Fajita Taco

Fajita Taco

Apr 04, 2024Laura Smyth

Get ready to savor the sizzle with our Fajita Taco recipe. Tender strips of seasoned meat and vibrant bell peppers come together for a flavor-packed fiesta in every bite. Dive into this Tex-Mex delight and elevate your taco night experience!


  • 1 Sachet Mingle Fajita Taco Seasoning
  • 1 Onion diced

  • 1 Small green capsicum cut into strips

  • 1 Small red capsicum cut into strips

  • 1 Small yellow capsicum cut into strips

  • 500 g Beef strips
  • 100 ml Stock
  • 1 Tbsp Tomato paste


  1. Heat EEVO in a pan, add in diced onions and cook until translucent. Move onions to one side of pan, add in beef strips and cook until beef has browned.
  2. Add in veggies and cook for 2-3 mins then add in Mingle’s Fajita Seasoning, stock and tomato paste. Mix & let simmer for 15 mins.

  3. To prepare tacos, add fajita mix to a tortilla, top with veggies, avo and sour cream

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