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Gingerbread Pancakes

Gingerbread Pancakes

I have an absolute love affair with ginger and maple, these gorgeous pancakes are a great tasting simple yet delicious recipe, topped with Ginger granola, whipped cream and maple and your tastebuds will be dancing all day!


In a Nutri- bullet combine

2x eggs

40g Cream cheese

2 TBSP Almond meal

1 TBSP Psyllium husk- 

1 TBSP Sweetener- I use the Nothing Naughty Sweetener

½ TSP ground ginger

¼ TSP Cinnamon

1/4C Liquid of your choice (I use unsweetened cashew milk)


Blitz and leave for 5 minutes

Heat your pan and add butter (The only way to cook pancakes) and mixture

When bubbling flip and cook other side.

Add topping of your choice and enjoy!




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