Ways to use WaterDrops at home

Ways to use WaterDrops at home

Apr 21, 2022Blackjet Westbury

Love flavoured water, but hate the sugar?

What if you could flavour your water at home, bake tropical keto cheesecake, and make sugar–free gummies using one key ingredient?

Vital Zing drops are flavour enhancers locally made here in Auckland, which uses natural ingredients with the added benefit of no sugar, carbs, colours or preservatives. 

As a substitute for sugary flavours on the market, WaterDrops are sweetened with natural stevia extract, making them a keto-friendly alternative to traditional flavourings. In a concentrated bottle, these little drops are a ticket to hydration and especially great for helping increase water intake for adults and children, so if you struggle to get your kids to drink lots of water, this is for you!

Perfect for those on a keto lifestyle, WaterDrops are also great for plant-based, low carb, low fat and paleo diets that may require no carbs, sugars, colouring, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.

 Vital Zing also offers a range of MilkDrops, which are fantastic. Add them to milks such as soy, coconut, dairy, and almond, or from personal experience, they are brilliant for flavouring yogurts, custards, ice cream, and icing. Our family favourite is keto pancakes using banana milk drops -Vital Zing has a great recipe, so check it out here.

With school holidays in full swing, Banoffee Ice cream is a great recipe using Vital Zing MilkDrops or get the kids in the kitchen and whip up some WaterDrops ice blocks for a sugar-free afternoon treat – it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained, with less mess too!



And, for the adults, try a classic keto pina colada using the pineapple, coconut and banana drops – it cuts out all the coconut cream, sugar, and carbs for a delicious guilt-free drink!

Made with natural ingredients, WaterDrops and MilkDrops are a cost-effective way to change up your hydration game and are a handy addition to the pantry. You’ll be surprised how many times you reach for them and the different ways you can add them to your drinks and baking! For more recipes, visit our website or find more on Vital Zing.


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