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Sugar Free Keto Caramel

Mar 26, 2019Laura Smyth

The best suagr free caramel you will ever taste!

I am a caramel lover through and through and it feels like I had tried every recipe out there before I made this amazing caramel sauce and I can now adapt it to any recipe.

The sauce can be thinned out for a beautiful, syrup on your Sunday morning pancakes and left as is to set as the most delicious chocolate caramel slice! I like to set it in the fridge for 24 hours and then store it in the pantry so I can sneak a spoonful every now and again!




  1. Melt butter in a large saucepan and allow to brown the more golden you get it the more rich the flavour- be patient, don't let it burn!
  2. Once the butter reaches this stage add your cream and whisk whisk whisk until it combines
  3. Add your sweeteners and taste to make sure it is not too sweet and then add more stevia drops if needed
  4. Allow the caramel to boil away and do its thing, be patient it will not disappoint you! Depending on what you are cooking it for depends on when to take it off the heat. For more of a syrup take it off earlier for more of a thick caramel leave it longer
  5. Take off the heat and pop in a bowl to cool. Once cooled put in the fridge for 24 hours and then store in the pantry for spreadable ease


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