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Simple Sugar Free Raspberry Jam

Mar 26, 2019Laura Smyth


There is nothing I love more than raspberry jam! The sweet but tart flavour leaves me full of  happiness and reminds me of my grandma’s home made raspberry jam. This is a MUST on my Sunday sweet-scones and is also great with chia seed pudding or cocnut yoghurt and Nutola!

This recipe could not be more simple, no xanthan gum, no chia seeds just pure magic and patience and you hae the perfect jam!




  1. Place the berries in a large pan on a medium heat and let the juices start to come out
  2. Place the lemon juice and sweetener into the pan with the raspberries. And turn to a medium– low heat
  3. Allow the berries to do their thing for 20-30 minutes, it is at this stage you can add chai seeds to speed the process up a bit.
  4. I choose to let the berries go on their own until they are nearly catching on the bottom with most of the juices evaporated. Then it is time to pull it off the heat
  5. Allow the jam to cool before placing it in a jar that you have sterilised
  6. This will last in the fridge for 3 months


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