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Keto Top Deck Velvet - Smooth Pudding

Mar 26, 2019Laura Smyth


When I had this idea for this pudding I thought it would be good but I had no idea just how good it would be!

I am pretty sure this is the best thing I have ever made! The best part about this dessert it that you can actually make either layer as a single pudding just on its own (hello Vitawerx white chocolate custard!) and then you combine them and fireworks!

Chocolate Pudding Layer

White Chocolate Custard Layer


Chocolate Pudding Layer-

  1. Add water, gelatin and sweetener in a saucepan and combine, boil for 3 minutes.
  2. Lower heat, add cocoa and whisk to combine
  3. Once the cocoa is mixed in slowly add cream, whisk constantly, don’t let the mixture boil. Just simmer
  4. Once all cream is in and mixture is combined pull off the heat allow to cool slightly then pop into glasses. Put gladwrap over the pudding to avoid a film on top. Allow to cool completely then put them into the fridge to set for 4 hours minimum

White Chocolate custard layer

  1. Break up chocolate block and place in a deep dish
  2. Boil cream
  3. Mix eggs and sweetener together in a bowl.
  4. Take the cream off the heat. SLOWLY pour the egg and sweetener mix into the cream while whisking continuously
  5. Place back on heat and let it reach 85 degrees DO NOT LET IT BOIL
  6. Pour mixture through a sieve over the top of chocolate, allow the mixture to melt the chocolate for a few minutes and then mix.
  7. Remove the gladwrap from the dark chocolate layer and pour white chocolate on top, place gladwrap on top of layer and allow to set for 2 or more hours in the fridge.


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